First Assembly Daycare

Infant Daycare

Our early child development teachers provide a caring and nurturing environment. We strive to provide a Christ centered environment where the spiritual, mental and physical development of  the infant is priority.

One Year Old Daycare

Our one year old daycare is centered on age appropriate child development play. We provide a loving and nurturing environment where play focusing on gross motor skill and communication are encouraged in a Christ centered center.

Two Year Old Daycare

Our two year old daycare focused on nurturing the curiosity and foundation for learning in a Christ centered environment. Gross and fine motor skills are encouraged with play, song and art. Encouraging age appropriate behavior sets the foundation for self-control and  Christian moral behavior for years to come.


Development of basic life skills in a Christ centered environment is our goal at FACS. Fostering independence and training life skills of self-care are a priority. Enthusiasm for learning while encouraging social and communicative skills are taught through play and the Abeka curriculum each morning through the school year. 

Applications for Daycare and Daycare Menu

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Infant Enrollment Forms (pdf)


Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention (pdf)


One year old enrollment forms (pdf)


Two year old enrollment forms (pdf)


Preschool Enrollment Forms (pdf)


Breakfast and Snack Menu (pdf)


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